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We’re your perfect fit when it comes to finding an innovative software partner for digital locking solutions within various use cases and branches.

Our whitelabel Flexilocker Toolkit enables any locker to become really smart meeting the increased need for flexible solutions in different suroundings. Together with our partners we’re also offering complete locker solutions that meet all your needs.

Smart Locker

Customized Locker Software Solutions


Parcel & Mail Logistics

Our smart solution makes it possible to receive, send and exchange parcels, letters and other goods securely and worry-free. Through various interfaces (APIs), our solution can be linked to and seamlessly be integrated into other smart building solutions. Also in public spaces and smart cities parcel pick up & drop off is made easy with our PUDO solution that is courier agnostic.


Our storage solutions enables your employees and visitors to store their personal belongings safely. Because of many add ons such as online payment and customized interfaces (APIs) our solution is suitable for different environments such as offices, schools, health care facilities, train stations or any kind of event.


Enables your customers to pick up and return purchased goods flexibly and 24/7. At the same time, you can save resources and optimise internal processes. Our solution offers customized interfaces (APIs) to webshops and ERPs and even a web based label generator to save companies IT resources.


Our rental solution combined with customised webshops allows you to create a unique user experience. Tools, sports equipment and other goods can be rented, collected and returned by your customers around the clock. You don’t have to deploy staff fort hat process and have your stock of goods under control at all times.

Asset Management

Our asset management solution makes it possible to hand over tools, keys or IT equipment to your employees within your company. Our remote and web-based smart locker management platform helps you control shared corporate resources and make processes safe and easy.

Combined Solutions

Many of our different locking solutions can be combined for certain use cases. For shopping malls it can be a great fit to have our storage and retail solution within one locker wall. Smart Cities on the other hand prefer to add the PUDO and the retail solution combined. Even up to three different solutions can be merged in a single locker wall (PUDO, retail and storage).

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I'll gladly give you more information about our offers, interfaces, and solutions.

Marco Lisser, CEO

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